September 11, 2015

6 reasons to visit Creede, CO in the winter

Winter in Creede CO

1. Avoid the Crowds

Creede is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Relax with a hot cup of tea each morning while you smell the fireplaces burning throughout town. Head over to a local restaurant and get seated right away. Return home feeling refreshed.

2. Skiing at Wolf Creek and cross-country trails

Creede, CO is only 45 minutes from Wolf Creek Ski Area . If you haven't been to Wolf Creek, you must. They boost the most snow of all Colorado ski resorts with the least crowds. Creede also has great cross-country skiing just minutes out of town throughout its many miles of public forest. I have even seen tracks from backcountry runs just west of town from Hwy 149.

3. Cabin Fever Daze

Bowling ball curling, snow sculptures, live music, a CRT performance, and moonrise ski/snowshoe trips are just a few of the events that have been offered in years past. Creede residents dust off the cobwebs the 2nd weekend of February and celebrate in style. Check out the full line up at .

4. Pond Hockey

Creede is full of surprises, one being that we own a Zamboni and hosts ice hockey games and a state-wide tournament on the ponds just North of town in January. Cheer on the teams or register your own. Either way, it will be a rowdy time.

5. CRT Boomtown

One of the best improv comedy troops in the state, Boomtown is performing throughout the winter. More information and a list of dates can be found here .

6. Windsock Acres is open!

While much of the town hibernates in the winter, we will be keeping our doors open. The Augurs just had a new little boy, James, and Linnaea, Teddy and Lula will be there to greet you each morning.